CPI-Civilian Paranormal Investigations

Ghost Hunters, Bigfoot Hunters, Myth busters, Historian Researchers, and Alien Investigators. We are Paranormal Investigators looking
to prove the truth. Consistently searching for answers to prove scientifically/logically the existence of the paranormal, the unexplained,
and the undiscovered to reveal to the world the truth about what is truly out there.

We will enlighten you to the truth, because the truth is out there....

"God is truth and every man a lair...."

Come search with us as we go where few others have gone before...

"God is light and In him there is no Darkness..." He gives us power over all things including good and evil... "Ask and it shale be given, seek and ye shale find, knock and the door will open..."

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We are CPI...

Wrestler, Pagan, Priest, & Spiritualist...

Head Investigators:

//Brandon T. aka B or T-Bone
-Host/Lead Investigator/Co-Founder-

//Reda-jo K. aka Jo or Joey
-Onsite Equipment Manger/Co-Founder-

//Sandra K. aka Shorty
-Secretary/Bigfoot Investigator-