#1 Cross of Saint Benidict

Pendent info: used during exorcism to expel evil and prevent possession.
We use it to prevent possession and to keep spirits from falling us home.

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#2 Crosses or Penticals

Pendent Info: the cross represents the father, son, and holly ghost,
while the pentical represents earth, air, fire, water, and spirit.
Both can be used for protection amulets.
God says we have control over good and evil.
So, if we camand it to leave it leaves and
if we call it forth it will come forth.

#3 Triqutra

Pendent Info: three became one father, son, and
holly ghost, or mother, maiden, crone. This pendent is used for protection.

#4 Blue, White, or Black Pendents

Pendant Info: blue= cleansing or purity,
white= light and truth,
black= knowledge and protection. and the use of any or all of these
berings about good: energy,luck, or magicks.
Any pendant with the right blessing can become a protection amulet.

#5 Evil Eye

Pendant Info: Wearing this amulet weather it be just an eye
or a hand with and eye is used
to bering good luck and protection from evil influances.
The Hand with the eye is said to stop all evil.