EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomenon)

Note: listen to each individually even probably
with head phones or loud speakers for optimum hearing.

Best-EVP #1 Threat

Info: Caught while testing equipment at local haunt.
A threat that was then fallowed up by a personal experience of a bent house key.
Which was not bent before we went practicing with equipment.
Permission has not been given yet to reveal location. This was found
accidentally as the last EVP on the recording device and was not caught during
an EVP(Electronic Voice Phenomenon) session, just found on the recorder at the end.
The device was only held by two people and neither persons voice matches it.
Sounds like Im gona F U Up...

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#2 Growl

Info: We were testing equipment preparing for 1st official investigation.
Joey did ask the person next to her if his stomach growled.
His answer: No...So we think its a growl.
No animals where with in site or reach of the device that could have caused this loud growl.

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#3 My Brother Kill You/Them

Info: Recorded while testing equipment during EVP session.
Full audio can be requested for any of these EVPs.
Sounds like it says My Brother Kill you/them.

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#4 Baby

Info: Sounds like a baby crying or child gigling.
Caught rate before moving to another area.
We didn't have any kids with us at the time.
Area void of people except us.

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#5 Cooperative Spirits

Info: All of these were caught while testing equipment.
Location unrevealed at this time.
Spirits say they want to help us during and EVP session.
Sounds like: Come lets help them.

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